Conditions were mercifully slowTo ski Little River near Stowe.Our party of twoAvoided the pooThe sled dogs had dropped in the snow. Poet and trip leader: Mary Lou Recor
To hike on the solstice is rad, Except when the weather is bad. The temperature fell. The rain it did gel Into ice and I cancelled. So sad. Poet and […]
Across on three ferries eight went. For time on a bike is well-spent. Got splashed on the boat. The south wind’s no joke. We bucked it all the way to […]
We hiked the ridge Nun-da-ga-o. No rain, but clouds in the sky-o. Not sure where we were On this adventure. So glad to see the old car-o. Seven participants, trip […]
From South Hero, eight bikers did went. Rain predicted at forty percent. Halfway through the ride; We lunched at dockside. And the good news is no one got wet. Trip […]
‘Twas a glorious day to pedal. From Vergennes, we rode like the devil. But on our return, Our quads, they did burn, ‘Cause Vermont, it ain’t hardly level. Trip leader […]
A light snow on top of the ice Made skiing so very un-nice. Thus we did walk Five miles of talk For this winter that must suffice. Leader and poet: […]
‘Twas the night of the solstice and all through the lodge hung mittens and jackets, the boy scouts’ hodge podge. The trail had been tricky with ice and some snow. […]
Thanksgiving was fine,Pies, gravy and wine,But those unsightly pounds have to go. Leader (and poet): Mary Lou Recor
A Limerick Tribute to Mt. Norris All praise of Mt. Mansfield will bore us, With its forehead and towers and tourists. For that Vermont hill Will no longer thrill Now […]