We had a great turnout of 14 for working on the Long Trail between Taylor and Butler and Nebraska Notch Trail, Clara Bow Trail and Butler Lodge Trail and the […]
Great weather and great turnout for our first spring trail work. 15 people so we divided into 3 groups of 5. One group went from Bolton Notch Rd to Buchanan […]
The damage wasn’t as bad as I feared. We moved a lot of small stuff, and used the chainsaw on two on Butler Lodge, one at the top of Wampahoofus […]
Three of us (and 1 dog) headed from App Gap towards Molly Stark Balcony. The trail was snowy, icy and very steep. We had spikes and the dog had claws. […]
Four of us went to clear the trail between the outer and inner lots at the Lake Mansfield Trout Club. The outer lot is the only one that can used […]
We had a great turn-out for our 5/30 trail work. John Sharp and Phil Hazen started early and hiked from Stevensville to Puffer, cutting the trees they encountered on the […]
We had 6 people show up in the early morning rain to do trail work. By the time we started to hike, the rain had stopped and did not return! […]
Thanks to the 25(!) volunteers who helped Pam and John for trail-work day Trail participants: Pam Gillis, John Sharp (organizers, too) Forrest Aldrich, Fred Royce, George Long, John Pennucci, Lynn […]
Great turnout (14) and good weather. Divided into 3 groups, 2 with chain saws. One group went Nebraska Notch Trail and then the LT to Taylor, most coming back via […]
Thanks to Pam Gillis and John Sharp for managing this years effort!
Good turnout (13) and good weather. Split into 3 groups, with one group going down to Buchanan Lodge. Several trees to cut. Group that went to Harrington’s view took the […]
Very good turnout with 12 participants and good weather. We split into 2 groups, meeting at the beaver pond. Trail in pretty good shape except the beaver pond stream was […]