We did Big Crow, Nun-da-ga-o Ridge, Weston Mountain, Lost Pond, and Gulf Brook Trail back to Crow Clearing – the whole circle. Two hikers turned back part-way through, but fortunately […]
It was a beautiful day to be in the mountains. From the summit of Ampersand, the six of us could see to Flowed Lands in the west, and to Whiteface […]
We went from the winter parking lot to Couching Lion Farm, then used the Forestry and Dena Trails to Wind Gap. We went back to the Hump Brook Tent Site, […]
The destination for this trip changed on the way up the Gill Brook trail. We decided to wait for early May and longer daylight hours to hike to Fairy Ladder […]
This is a hike that offers ever-changing scenes and four different trails. We began from Moosalamoo Campground and hiked over Moosalamoo Mountain (briefly loosing our way) to Rattlesnake Cliffs. We […]
As one of the hikers on this hike said, “What’s special about this trip is hiking Nun-Da-Ga-O Ridge with its varying views”. The picture from Big Crow and Weston Mountains […]
The three of us made a joint decision to change the trip to the Mansfield area. We hiked Frost, Maple Ridge, Rock Garden, and Butler Lodge trails. Carolyn and Joe […]
The sky, the surroundings, and hikers enthusiasm made this day special. In spite of the racket from the summit windmill, we enjoyed the views of Lake George and its mountains, […]
After hiking about 2 miles on trail, we attempted the mile bushwack to Bear Mountain. We turned back and continued on trail to Tubmill Marsh. Molly and her son Jesse […]
With below zero temperatures, we opted to shorten this hike. We went no farther than Hump Brook tent site, then down thorugh the valley, and returned to the winter parking […]