Four different groups did trail work from the Stevenville Road trailhead in Underhill: Butler Lodge, Wallace Cutoff, and LT to Overland ski trail Clipped branches and new growth, removed debris, […]
Phil and I meet at Shaw’s at 6:00 a.m. and met Jim at the Clay Meadow Trailhead about 7:45. We were on the trail by 8:00. Our first stop was […]
A great group on a beautiful sunny day. Six of us met at 9 AM at the Richmond park & ride, then took two vehicles to the Burrows trailhead where […]
The fresh autumn colors were coming out, but those crystal clear blue skies were not to be seen. Welcoming new member Valerie Riss to her first hike and summit in […]
This hike started out as a warm up to “our regular hiking season” . . . hikers we only see from October to March. (They are biking, on the lake, […]
Phil Hazen led another great Map and Compass outing this year with GPS confirmation that the bushwhacking track by compass to Colchester Pond was an amazing straight line except to […]
Details to come. Participants: Robynn Albert, Joanna Weinstock, Ted Albers, Phil Hazen (leader).
With… Phil Hazen, Cathy Tilley, Dave Hathaway.
Five participants joined for this annual course to test their skills in the “vast wilderness” between Indian Brook Reservoir and Colchester Pond. Included were John Kowalski, Kim Mihan, Max Seaton, […]
Mary Keenan, Mark Mclane, and Lisa Sipsey joined me for this picture perfect fall day on the Monroe Trail with mild temperatures and beautiful foliage at the lower elevations. After […]
This is the Annual President’s Hike the day after the Burlington Section Annual Meeting. This year was “special” as it included the outgoing(Phil Hazen) and the incoming (Ted Albers) President […]
Wolfgang Hokenmaier’s qualifications as trip leader were challenged right in the parking lot by both participants, Jeff Wehrwein and Phil Hazen, for two apparently obvious reasons: The route change was […]