We met at the Richmond Park and Ride at 8:30, all piled into one car, and were off. We were scurrying to get to the trailhead early, since we expected […]
Despite having to compete with the Super Bowl later in the day, 5 hikers signed up for the usual winter trek up Belvidere – from the parking lot on route […]
You know Rich Larsen’s famous line, “we can lose 10% or 1, whichever is greater, on any outing”? Well keep that in mind when you read the report….as it’s always […]
The hike was scheduled for Mount Hunger. The forecast was that the rain would be light and would end before dawn. By 7 AM, the drizzle had stopped, right on […]
A group of 14 people showed up for the Honey Hollow Botany Walk. The trip was stated to focus on wildflowers and ferns and trees (if anyone knows tress), but […]
As of 24 hours before the scheduled trip, we had 12 people signed up, but were looking at a rather unsettled weather forecast. Then, in those last 24 hours, four […]
The forecast was a bit iffy, but the front came ferociously and quickly on the night before, and cleared out nicely by Sunday morning. The weather was cool and sunny. […]
We had great weather, clear and not too hot. As planned, we took 4 hours to do the Honey Hollow trail and road loop – about twice as long as […]
The forecast had the potential to be somewhat bleak – cloudy and foggy – but at least it was not supposed to rain or be really cold. So, off we […]
Sheri Larsen organized the trip, and met the group at the Richmond Park and Ride to send us on our way, but did not go on the hike because of […]
The trip was advertised as the usual 3 hours up, 2 hours down, and perhaps another hour thrashing lost in the woods (since that has happened on many winter trips). […]
We had 9 participants officially, with 3 others who were going to ‘try it’ independently. We scheduled a hike up Bamforth Ridge to the summit of Camels Hump, and returning […]