A great way to spend Father’s Day is with one half of the duo who made you possible and my dad and I did just that – with six others […]
The day was forecasted as high 60’s and 40 percent chance of scattered showers. So, this fare weather only trip leader made the executive decision to move forward and gather […]
6 participants. It could not have been a nicer day, a nicer ride or a nicer group of people. Not having biked with any of the riders who signed up […]
Who would have known we could have a 50 degree day in the valley in early March? Well, as we know, living in Vermont, anything could happen! Nine of us […]
I’d read that there was going to be a bushwhack led by Len Carpenter. I didn’t know what a bushwhack entailed, so I decided to see for myself. It was […]
The day started out a bit on the chilly side and pretty much stayed that way, but the plus for this group of four was what was forecasted to be […]
What do you get when you cross a post-Turkey Day celebration with 15 folks who need to work off that extra food? Why, a GMC outing, that is what!! This […]
I think we fully submerged ourselves in “Peak Weekend” in the Lincoln Gap area. Our group started off from the crowded Lincoln Gap parking lot up the 1.7 mile journey […]
I cannot help but say this right off the bat – as a trip leader and someone who has participated in several hikes/ shoes this year with the GMC, this […]
They say quality rather than quantity is the key sometimes. Well, that was the case on the most recent GMC Hunger hike. Phil, Jack and I headed out from the […]
For a hike that had only one signed four days before Sunday, a flurry of calls and messages poured in the last three days. We met at the Hinesburg Park […]
One newlywed couple. A set of identical twin brothers. Two folks who just relocated from out of state. Three who want to relocate to Vermont’s Green Mountains. A reality TV […]