A wind-blown group of four did their best to make a success out of a paddle that took them up Little Otter Creek (just to the north of Kinsland Bay […]
Nice paddle today up the Laplatte River almost to the falls. We had 4 kayaks, a Hornbeck and a canoe. The water became too shallow for the canoe so we […]
The paddle went well yesterday and everyone had a good time. The Refuge is just north of Swanton and it’s an ideal place for quiet water paddling and wildlife viewing. […]
Hot and muggy trip up Mt. Abe today, but with a very nice group of people. Two were very nice young ladies new to the club as well as a […]
It was a hot slog up Mad River Glen. Fortunately, the humidity was low and there was a nice cool breeze on top. Started with 11 of us, 3 dropped […]
Nice hike yesterday. Went up to #108 overlook for lunch, then around the pond. Congenial group. They loved the lunch spot. Rachel Moulton, Andy Squires, Marlene Price, Patty Williams, Jean […]
Hot, humid day but a nice hike. Cooler in the woods. Congenial group. Trip leader: Russ Kinaman Participants: Anne Judson, Tim Parsons, Jean Anderson
Beautiful, warm and sunny day. Nice hike. A bit hot in the sun. Low 80’s. Leader: Russ Kinaman, Lee Wrigley, Katie Wrigley, Rob Selvaggi, and Mary Keenan
Hiked up the access road of Mad River Glen Ski Area amid meadows of wild flowers and views of early Spring shades of green. Warm and somewhat humid. Gnats warranted […]
A beautiful fall day. Snow and ice was a little tricky, but we all had microspikes which helped a lot. Two other people cancelled the night before. Jean Cannon, Lee […]
A wonderful hike. Perfect fall day. Beautiful colors. Good camaraderie. Tough climb, but well worth it. Harvey Schugar, Carol Hignite, Jan Grady, Kalyn Burns. Trip leader Russ Kinaman.
This was a fun hike and good group in spite of a very hot day. I changed the route from Jerusalem to Mt. Ellen to Jerusalem to Stark’s Nest and […]