Warm and sunny. Nice summer hike. The newcomers enjoyed scrambling on Clara Bow. Trip Leader: Russ Kinaman; 4 additional participants including Marlene Price, Sarah Bombardier
Soaking wet hike to the pond, then cloudy to overlook, then partially sunny on way down. Very congenial group and all had fun in spite of the weather. Participants – […]
October 4, 2009 There were not many phone calls from perspective participants, probably since the weather forecast was not good. It turned out to be, however, a nice day and […]
The Hedgehog Brook group met at the Richmond Park and Ride, ran into four other GMC folks, and decided to change to a mutual destination to have a larger group. […]
We quickly determined that we had a mix of faster hikers and slower hikers, so split into two groups, with Kelley leading the faster group and Russ the slower group. […]
It was a successful hike. Because of differences in hiking speed, the group split up into two smaller groups, one going directly to the lunch overlook, one taking a longer […]
This was a lovely hike on a beautiful fall day. The trip was listed as a slow to moderate hike, but we had a number of faster hikers, so we […]
With the forecast for bad weather, three people canceled, so only the trip leader and one other met in the AM. With the sky looking gloomy, they decided to head […]
These were two trails not usually hiked. It was a tough up and down for some of us, but we all made it, and everyone had a good time. It […]
This was a lovely hike with a fine group of hikers. Perfect weather. No rain. This was the first hike for some for the participants, and they will be back. […]
Russ, being a man of few words, says ‘nice hike, nice people, nice weather, nice to live so close in Vermont.’ We followed the work road up the mountain, among […]