In 1922, a few members of the Bennington Section leased and furnished an old camp along the Long Trail, just north of the old Grout Job Lumber Camp. GMC members could use the camp if they picked up the key in Bennington. It was dubbed Camp Webster due its proximity to the Daniel Webster Monument, erected by the Stratton Mountain Club in 1915, on the Arlington Wardsboro Road. The monument marks the location where the famed orator, Daniel Webster, addressed a crowd of 15,000 at a Whig Convention in 1840.
West 1 ‘2/3 miles on the Lincoln Warren Pass. Lodging and meals may be obtained. [O’Kane 1926] Good meals and lodging. President’s Section at Elev. 1520 ft. [GB 2nd Edition […]
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Jim Andrews, Coordinator for the  The Vermont Reptile & Amphibian Atlas will give a presentation on the identification and natural history of the frogs, salamanders, snakes, and turtles of the Central Green Mountains and how you can help document them.
Have you ever wanted to save someone's life while in the woods? Now's your chance to learn how. The Green Mounain Club is hosting a two-day wilderness first aid course.
A new GMC Burlington executive committee was voted in during the Annual Meeting in January. Fifty-five members approved the following changes: Vice President: Brian Williams replaces Nancy McClellan, who is […]
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Built on 2005, this post and beam lean-to was donated by Tom Abbott, who pre-built the structure and had it air lifted to the site.
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This cramped, disheveled shack is a not-so-secret shelter for skiers and hikers on the Stowe side of Mount Mansfield.  The Rabbit’s Nest sits in a hidden pine grove at the end of a short, unmarked trail that begins from the Mount Mansfield Toll Road where the Hasselton and South Link trails meet near the top of the FourRunner quad lift.