A new GMC Burlington board was voted in during the Annual Meeting in January. Fifty-five members approved the following changes: Vice President: Brian Williams replaces Nancy McClellan, who is stepping […]
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The out and back from the parking lot to the summit along Hoyt Lookout Trail and Mountaintop Trail are well marked and easy to follow. Once in the forest, this […]
Built on 2005, this post and beam lean-to was donated by Tom Abbott, who pre-built the structure and had it air lifted to the site.
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This cramped, disheveled shack is a not-so-secret shelter for skiers and hikers on the Stowe side of Mount Mansfield.  The Rabbit’s Nest sits in a hidden pine grove at the end of a short, unmarked trail that begins from the Mount Mansfield Toll Road where the Hasselton and South Link trails meet near the top of the FourRunner quad lift.
Part of the 2021 trail and shelter redesign plan to preserve the shoreline and revegitatate overused areas around Stratton Pond, this shelter was completed in August 2023.
In 1965, Kent Brook was dammed to create Kent Pond. It was then stocked with the trout and bass that still flourish today. And it was opened for fishing. It was at this time, that the farm’s owner, Merle Schoenfeld (who had bought the 75 acres remaining of the original farm from a man called George Orech in 1959) decided to turn his venerable New England farmhouse into a small lodge. He called it Mountain Meadows Lodge and it was soon doing so well that he had begun work on converting what remained of the original New England Barn into what is now the main lodge.
The Burlington Section took home $270 at the 2023 Vermont Lake Monsters 50-50 raffle at Centennial Field this year in what has turned into an annual fundraiser. GMC ticket sellers get to see the […]
Located on Arlington-Wardsboro Road, this was once the headquarters of a lumbering concern but for the last few years the place has been kept open for boarding by Mrs. Rober Lawler. One is always welcome and may come get something to eat when hungry.