LT Mile 230.8 — Marjorie Hulburd Section — Elev. 1800 ft.

From Parker Camp the Trail runs southeasterly to the summit of Butternut Mountain, altitude 2690 feet. Turning then northeasterly it descends for a time, then follows a ridge. At a wet area it is relocated to the southeast of the former route. A side trail here leads to the left five minutes’ walk to a small house and barn called the ‘Badger’ lumber camp. [O’Kane]

This camp offers shelter in the hayloft of the barn. There is no equipment at this camp. [GB 6th Edition 1924] E. P. Dickinson noted in GB 7th Edition 1929 that this was “dirty and forlorn, but roof good, lunched here Aug. ’29.” Camp is locked. Shelter in hayloft of barn. No equipment. [GB 7th Edition 1929]

This camp, old house, and barn are in poor shape but afford some shelter – not a GMC Camp. [LT News, August 1931]