Battell Lodge, late 1930's
Battell Lodge, late 1930’s

This open-faced shelter was built in 1926 by the Forestry Department of Middlebury College along the old wagon road that went out to Lincoln Valley via farms of the Atkins Brothers. Constructed from peeled logs, the shelter featured a stove, cooking utensils and bunks for 10 or 12. There was a fireplace against a big rock in front.

The shelter soon proved to be popular, both for its design and its location. Being close to the Bread Loaf Inn and Henry Davis’s Farm, It afforded a convienent first-night’s lodging for hikers entering the Trail from Middlebury Pass. The only complaint was the inconvienent water source, which was was a good 1/4 mile away.

The shelter burned in 1937, cause unknown.

Connie Gilbert doing laundry at Battell Lodge, 1926
Connie Gilbert doing laundry at Battell Lodge, 1926

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