Bear Hollow Shelter, 2021
Bear Hollow Shelter, 2021

Perched on a rocky knoll above the trail, this open-faces shelter was built by Bob Lindemann and the Sterling Section in 1991.  The volunteers who built the shelter made over 200 trips packing lumber and materials to the site… This shelter replaced the old French Camp, located about a mile north.

The formal dedication occurred just after the first snowfall on Mansfield and Whiteface Mountains. In attendance were Fred Gilbert, Jeff Harvey, George Bramhall, Smith Edwards, Tony Smith, Elizabeth Bramhall, Cindy Bigelow, Bob Lindemann, Paul and Joanne Woodward.  

Bear Hollow Dedication 1991
Sterling Section members attending the Bear Hollow Shelter Dedication. From left to right they are: Paul Woodward, Fred Gilbett, Jeff Harvey, George Bramhall, Smith Edwards, Tony Smith (kneeling), Joanne Woodward, Elizabeth Bramhall and Cindy Bigelow

Years later, Rob Orr would recollect this story about building Bear Hollow Shelter:

Access for construction is via a wood road and snow mobile trail which passes some very rustic hunting camps. One of these camps is owned by Smith Edwards who added a big effort in the construction of this exclusive resort style shelter.

After the initial work to get the shelter framed up, Bob Lindemann and I did a lot of the inside work. One weekend we built the bunks and slept in them so we would be the first to sleep in them. We also installed a very nice and substantial table. The next weekend a note in the logbook by the shelter adopter said, A very nice table … If I could find a willing woman, I would initiate the table the right way. The following weekend we found a message in the logbook saying, “He was too late, she and “Big Boy” had initiated the table … TWICE!”. It was signed by “Mountain Girl”. The trail names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Bob Lindeman and Smith Edwards hauling material for Bear Hollow Shelter
Bob Lindeman and Smith Edwards hauling material for Bear Hollow Shelter

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