Mile 22.4 — Division 10 — Elev. 1380 ft.

Perched on a rocky knoll above the trail, this shelter was built by Bob Lindemann and the Sterling Section in 1991. This open-faced frame shelter sleeps 12. The water supply is a brook just south of the shelter along the Long Trail. [GB 24th Edition 1996].

Access for construction is via a wood road and snow mobile trail which passes some very rustic hunting camps. One of these camps is owned by Smith Edwards who added a big effort in the construction of this exclusive resort style shelter.

After the initial work to get the shelter framed up, Bob Lindemann and I did a lot of the inside work. One weekend we built the bunks and slept in them so we would be the first to sleep in them. We also installed a very nice and substantial table. The next weekend a note in the logbook by the shelter adopter said, A very nice table … If I could find a willing woman, I would initiate the table the right way. The following weekend we found a message in the logbook saying, “He was too late, she and “Big Boy” had initiated the table … TWICE!”. It was signed by “Mountain Girl”. The trail names have been changed to protect the guilty. [ORR. May 15, 1999]

On Sept 28, 1991, with the first snowfall on Mansfield and Whiteface Mountains, the formal dedication of this shelter occurred. The dedication was preceded by a hike from Smuggler’s Notch. It replaces the French Camp which was about a mile north of the new shelter. In attendance were Fred Gilbert, Jeff Harvey, George Bramhall, Smith Edwards, Tony Smith, Elizabeth Bramhall, Cindy Bigelow, Bob Lindemann, Paul and Joanne Woodward. [LT News Winter 1991]

Bear Hollow Shelter, 2021
Bear Hollow Shelter, 2021