Before You Go

Get Started

First, take a look at the detailed listings for Burlington section outings. Then, read the following trip guidelines. You need not be a GMC member to join a hike. Guests are welcome. Please join us! And, of course, have fun!

Before You Go

Unless otherwise noted, please call the trip leader to sign up, and to find out what equipment you’ll need, and learn about details not mentioned in the announcement. Check with trip leader before bringing your pet along. Guests are always welcome. Trip leaders often arrange carpooling. If you ride along in someone else’s car, we recommend reimbursing the driver (see below). Many outings meet at the UVM metered parking lot near the water tower. Access is from East Avenue or Williston Road. Be sure you know the meeting place if there is one!

Read some of the pointers we have posted. . (These are also found by selecting Before You Go: Tips and Advice from the Categories menu, at right.)

This is a handy Trip Leader sign up sheet that can be used to sign-in trip participants. And here are other tips for trip leaders.

Is it Mud Season (About April 15 through about the Saturday of Memorial Day) If so, please look for alternatives to mountain trail hikes.

Support Our Trip Leaders

Our trip leaders are volunteers who are not necessarily trained in First Aid, nor does the Burlington Section certify or license trip leaders. Participants should attend these events with the understanding that they are responsible for their own preparedness and safety and the well-being of the group.

Compensate Your Driver!

The guideline for outings is to reimburse the driver for gas. This is a matter between you and your driver. Suggested amount: $.05 per mile round trip. We recommend that driver and rider(s) agree about payment at the beginning of the trip.

Email Addresses

Email addresses are provided for the use of Green Mountain Club members and friends only, and are not to be used for any solicitation of any kind.



State parks:

See a great list of suggested day hikes on this GMC Club page.

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