We had a good trip, even if it was still in the period before substantial snow in 2007. Since the trail had been used, and there was little snow on trees covering blazes, we were able to go to the top without the usual wandering off-trail. The temperature was in the 30’s, but there was crusty snow above about 2000’.

Some people used crampons of various kinds, and some used just boots. It took a little over 2 hours each way to go up and down, and the weather was so clear and warm we took some time on top of the peak as well. The leader took an intentional detour as we came toward the bottom on the way out, and confused a few folks for a short time, but there were no real problems.

Participants – Amanda Garland, Ken Austin, Phil Hazen, Jenny Lynch, Elizabeth Bassett, Jerry Lasky, Rachel Moulton, Harris Roen, Sheri and Rich Larsen.