Mile 9.6 on Lye Brook Trail Stratton Pond — Division 3 — Elev.2555 ft.

A log lean-to with floor space for 6. It was built by the Worcester Section and named in honor of Louis L Bigelow, for many years an active trail worker in the Worcester Section. Water is from Bigelow Spring, 150 ft. east of the shelter on the trail. [GB 24th Edition 1996]

He was instrumental in laying out and completing the trails over Glastenbury Mountain, and headed up the building of the camps and shelters in the Stratton region. Later, he helped the completion of the Long Trail system by the trail from Jay Peak to the Canadian border. [LT News, Februrary 1962]

This shelter is located on the Lye Brook Trail on the south shore of Stratton Pond just 0.1 mile west of the LT. This shelter is in one of the heaviest usage areas of the LT system and is managed by a caretaker located at the Willis Ross clearing. Used from 1961 to 1997. It was dismantled in 1997. It was built to replace the Willis Ross Annex which was flooded due to beaver activity at the outlet which raised the water level about 1 foot. It was started in August 1961, and finished the first part of October 1961. [LT News, Nov. 1961]

Louis, Mrs., and Edson Bigelow at Smugglers' Notch Camp, 1920
Louis, Mrs., and Edson Bigelow at Smugglers’ Notch Camp, 1920