Weather forecast was for overcast, slight chance of precip … NOT … 10 of us headed into the woods on bare ground. None too soon we were on bare snow – lots of it from about 2000 feet and higher. Truly an international expedition, we had representatives from Germany, Canada via Russia and a very enthusiastic, bear-loving Texan. Oh yes, and a most mellow, non-barking dog. Ask Wendy Savoie about that one.

Lunch on the rocks near the top. On top – Spectacular views in all directions! Binocs brought distant peaks even closer, almost to the touch. Great day out and nice way to begin the weekend. Hail Friday hikes!! Burnt Rock Mtn. – Elev 3168 – a virtual jewel in the crown.

Participants: Ken Antonich, John Brown, Pat Collier, Dot Myer, Anneliese Koenig, Doug King, Wendy Savoie, Victoria Davidov.