Blue Triangle Camp, late 1930's
Blue Triangle Camp, late 1930’s

This cabin was recently erected. It is a closed frame construction suitable for 12 and is the gift of the Blue Triangle Club of the State YMCA. Located in the woods on the bank of the crook. [GB 9th Edition 1932.]

No mention of this camp in GB 13th Edition 1947. This roomy cabin (20 x24 ft.) has been completed. It is located near the Gov. Clement Camp and cost $550. Girls’ Clubs of the Longfellow School of Rutland, of Wallingford, Wells River, Newbury, Thetford, Chester, Montpelier, Bristol, Franklin, Enosburg Falls, Springfield, St Albans, and Windsor Scouts contributed toward its cost. It is intended more for use of the girls when on the Trail. [LT News, October 1930]

Blue Triangle Camp, 1931
Blue Triangle Camp, 1931

The only cabin reported seriously damaged by the Sept 21, 1938, storm. [LT News. Nov. 1938]

The abandoned shelter will be disassembled and moved to Spring Lake this summer. [LT News, Feb. 1949]

YMCA Camp  (Blue Triangle) 1926
YMCA Camp (Blue Triangle) 1926