Buchanan Shelter, 2021

This shelter was named for Prof. Roy O. Buchanan, founder of the Long Trail Patrol and for 36 years its leader. It was built in 1984 by the Burlington Section. It has an open front porch and enclosed bunk room with space for 16. Water is located 100 ft. to the north. It has been in use from 1984 to the present. [GB 24th Edition 1996]

Materials were delivered in late April to the site on Bolton Valley Corp. land. Wm started on the first weekend in May. Don Wallace and Jack Lance of the Burlington Section were leaders of the work party. [LT News, August 1984]

Roy O. Buchanan Hiking with his Son, Andy

The following people donated money, labor, and time to the construction of Buchanan Shelter: Marjorie Adams. Gunther and Dorothy Benndorf, Bolton Valley Corporation, Greg Bostock, Smith Edwards, Basil Goodridge, Donly Goodridge, Robert Hansen, Hollie Johnson, Tom Joslin, Patricia Krupp, Mary Ladabouche, Sara Ladabouche, Seth Ladabouche, Jack Lance, Jean Lance, Harold Miles, Madelin Miles, Pam Moritz, Dave morse, Dot Myer, Lee Peery, Will Peery, Manuel Peraza, Brad Perkins, Bob Poole, John Sharp, Tony Smith. Sally Spear, Sam Spencer, Carlene Squires, Issac Stokes, Katrina Stokes, Troop 603 B.S.A. – William Ward, Scoutmaster, Peter Vlahos, Don Wallace, Chris Ward, Mary Ward, Dais Washburn, Mary Weld, Ron Whipkey, Ginny Yandow. [Ridge Lines; Vol 14, No 4, March 1985]