LT Mile 74.4 — Division 5 — Elev. 1600 ft.

This fine cabin was destroyed by fire in 1966. It was in use from 1961 to 1966.

A frame cabin with bunks for 12 to 16 was built by the Killington Section in 1961. Brook water 30 ft. west. [GB 17th Edition 1963]

The vandals are on the job, as always. Up to now they have burned two camps this fall, Deerview and Buffum. [LT News, Feb 1967]

It was decided not to rebuild Buffum Lodge at the present time as it is not necessary to have a shelter at that location, and a new camp at some other spot may be more useful at a future date. [LT News, May 1967]

Herbert G. Ogden at Buffum Lodge, 1966
Herbert G. Ogden at Buffum Lodge, 1966