All week the weather forecast had promised a nice sunny day for this hike. Friday evening it changed to indicate we might get a little rain early, but would then clear up. But it was raining when we met at 8:30 at the Butler Lodge trailhead, and continued to for the whole hike except for one or two very brief lulls. The four of started up the Butler Lodge trail a little after 8:30, nonetheless. The trail had turned to a streambed in several spots, so we got to practice rock hopping across these. To the left of the short ladder just below the lodge we found a waterfall that I’ve never seen there in the 33 years I’ve been hiking this trail. We reached Butler Lodge a little before 10 and got in out of the rain for a while to have a snack and hope for some clearing. That didn’t happen, and we started to get a little cold sitting around wet, so we started down again a little after 10:30. The wet rock made footing slippery, so we took our time on the way down, and reached the trailhead around noon. Not the best day for it, but a fun hike with a hardy group. Participants: Dan Gray, Daniel Woolsey, Swarna Bhat, David Hathaway (leader).