This hike had been rescheduled due to inclement weather. There were two
cancellations the day before the hike. Five of us met at the Duxbury window trailhead
before departing around 7:00 AM. When we reached the Duxbury Window, we had a
beautiful view of low-lying mist below the mountain tops. When we reached the first
exposed clearing, we were greeted with beautiful views and a bush of wild blueberries
that we picked from. The trail conditions were surprisingly good despite all the recent
rainfall. There were some muddy spots and some standing pools of water, but easily
passable. There was beautiful moss and mushrooms all along the trail. However, the
wet moss did not help with traction and was quite slick. The trail conditions became
more wet/slippery after the trail junction with the Alpine Trail. We reached the summit
just in time for lunch and had perfect views with some chilly wind. We made an
impromptu decision to take the Alpine trail down, which was less slippery/wet than the
Long Trail. We also saw the wing of the downed bomber plane on the Alpine Trail.
When we met up with the long trail again there was some slipping and falling due to the
wet moss, but no injuries. We met a fellow named Ian who was a Green Mountain Club
staff member and had a nice chat with him. When we got back to the parking lot we had
completed 13.6 miles with 4500 ft elevation gain in 10 hr 45 min. It was a beautiful day!
And the trail conditions were surprisingly good! We only saw ~10 hikers all day on the
trails we took. Participants: Michael Mortelliti (leader), Nancy Kahn, Clayton Cameron, John W.,
and Marta.

Trail issues seen: There were a few fallen trees on the trail and one wooden plank that was not in good condition. Photos show the fallen trees and the plank. The trees were found ~2 and ~3.7 miles into the trail. There were two wooden planks but one was washed away leaving only one which was straining, wobbling, and bending heavily and sinking into the water. This was found ~3 miles into the trail.