This was the was the first Worcester Section Clubhouse.

For many years members of the Worcester Section have dreamed of having a camp of our own. Now, when “Where to go” has become a major problem for most outing clubs, Dr. Gardner N. Cobb, a charter member of this section, has given our club five years free use of a building on his large estate. Camp Cobb, as it is now called, was originally built as a hunting hut for a group of businessmen. Long since neglected, it was full of cobwebs, dust, squirrel nests, and old furniture. The floor, walls, and roof were in good condition, and after a couple of work parties the camp had a new paper lining, some shiny white doors, clean window, and kitchen range – the gift of a father of two members, both of whom are now in the service.

The “Grand Opening” came last November. Thirty-seven members came out for a long hike over the nearby trails and ended up with a baked bean supper. Since then, electric lights have been put in; and the old well has been uncovered, cleaned, had a new frame built for it, and has been equipped with an old-fashioned well sweep and copper-bound oaken bucket. Thanks for most of the work goes to Duane O. Sprague, House Committee Chairman, and to George F. E. Story, Honorary Life Member of the Worcester Section. Duane and George delight in getting surprises ready for the next scheduled outing.

The picnic nook has been selected. An outdoor fireplace will be built, under Louis L Bigelow’s supervision, as soon as the weatherman permits. From the center of the city, a twenty-minute bus ride and a mile walk require little effort for the rewards received. Many miles of trails are accessible from Camp Cobb – steep trails or easy ones, trails through dense woods or over open hill tops, trails along the side of a babbling brook or on the edge of a high cliff, and a view that demands attention from every vantage point.

Keys to the camp have been given to several members who are easily contacted. Any other member may get a key and have a private trail jaunt at his convenience. A short time ago our main object was to keep our GMC section together for the Boys to come home to. But with less gas for long trips and such a grand place nearby, our average attendance is growing. Now we look forward to giving a hearty welcome to new members, and a Bang-up Camp Cobb reception to each of our Boys and Girls on their return. [“The Realization of a Dream” by Jessie Phillimore; LT News, April 1944]

Three outings were scheduled at Camp Cobb. One, a trail tour, was unique, because, even with the man-power shortage, more men than women attended. Another, at which a pot-luck supper was planned, found a few hardy folks who traveled a very bad storm to have a good time and a fine feast. At the third, 27 enjoyed all types of winter sports and then ended the afternoon by devouring a beef stew supper, the supplies for which were lugged in on toboggan over the last half mile. A Christmas Party and the Annual Dinner Meeting filled out the program. At the Annual Meeting attended by 73 members and guests, it was unanimously voted to make Louis L Bigelow an Honorary Life Member of the Worcester Section. This honor was conferred on Louis in recognition of the many years that he has worked (or made the other fellows work!) on the trails for which the Section is responsible. [LT News, February 1945]

Camp Cobb, 1944

Camp Cobb, 1944

Another big event for us. Arriving on Saturday afternoon for a weekend at camp. Before sundown a forty-foot flagpole was set up, more parking space was cleared Oust in case!!) and our wood pile had grown considerably. Plans for a LT work party were formulated. On Sunday a grand dinner prepared by three members was enjoyed between hikes, and “Old Glory” was officially raised over Camp Cobb. [LT News, August 1945] We regretfully leave this camp not later than May 1, 1948. [LT News; Feb. 1948]