In the summer of 1970 I was turning 14 and went on a family trip from our home in Omaha, Nebraska, to Wyoming and Colorado, including a stop in Estes Park, CO. I had lived in the Midwest all my life and, despite some tourist drives to Yellowstone and winter ski trips, none of us had ever really done any mountain hiking. 
Like most day-hikes, this one starts in a parking lot. Located on the winding Westford Road, just east of Milton, it’s easy to miss the small, brown “P” sign that marks the park entrance.
This past spring I took a "Game of Logging" (GOL) chainsaw class that the GMC provided for some of the volunteers who have been using chainsaws for trail maintenance.
A new GMC Burlington executive committee was voted in during the Annual Meeting in January. Fifty-five members approved the following changes: Vice President: Brian Williams replaces Nancy McClellan, who is […]
Actually, we were mending fence stiles. The July floods toppled one of the fence stiles that allow Long Trail hikers to cross over electric fences in the farm fields along […]
The Burlington Section took home $270 at the 2023 Vermont Lake Monsters 50-50 raffle at Centennial Field this year in what has turned into an annual fundraiser. GMC ticket sellers get to see the […]
Scott and David left Stevensville early and hiked south to Mt Mayo, using the chainsaw 7 or 8 times, then turned around and clipped and cleared on the way back […]
We divided into three groups of four each at Bolton Valley. Scott, Paul, and I carried a chainsaw with one of the groups. The following is for my group. I […]
Over the years I have had gone through various GMC archives given to me by Shelburne neighbor Rick Rice (whose dad Roderick was a Burlington Section member starting in the 1930s and […]
In 1963 Joe Frank suggested a Section newsletter. Others liked the idea and Joe became the first editor. Mary Forrester became the publisher, and soon Agnes Richardson became the editor. […]
Volunteers cleared drainages, clipped back new growth, removed debris, and cleared blowdowns, including some big ones on the Long Trail. Eight times, they used the chainsaw to cleared blowdowns and […]
Trail maintence was completed on the Duck Brook Trail from Bolton Notch the Long Trail ans waell as the Long Trail south of Duck Brook Junction to the VAST trail […]