We chose a day in-between winter and summer hiking seasons to have a workshop for outings leaders of many experience levels, as well as for potential outings leaders. The day […]
Long-time hiker and GMC volunteer John Brown died last May. John made a big impression on everyone who met him. Here are some personal memories from Burlington Section members, and […]
This trip attracted five other participants. It was a rousing success. We cut a few trees which had been threatening to land either on the roof of the shelter or […]
No one called so I went alone. Clipped a few branches, cleared a few water-bars, hauled some trash out of the shelter, pushed the pooh down in the outhouse (with […]
The team split into two groups, John taking one to do Eagle’s Nest to Raven’s Wind (on the LT), and Pam going to the Underhill State Park area. This group […]
The group cleared Lake Mansfield to the summit of Mount Mayo, plus the Clara Bow trail. It was a long day, but a nice day. Participants – Bill Hancy, Kevin […]
The group cleared the Frost Trail. Women loved the concept, and want it to be an annual event. It was a nice day, but folks needed to get back early. […]
The large group split into 3 smaller groups, and did the Bolton Notch Road to the intersection of Buchanan Shelter, plus Eagle’s Nest to Buchanan. Participants – Llyn Ellison, George […]
It was a nice day, and we cleared trail from Jonesville to the Bolton Notch Road. Participants – Glen Marshall, Jeff Bostwick, John Pennucci, Linda Evans, Dot Myer, George Long, […]
The group took the shortcut to Puffer, past the beautiful Olga Falls. The adopter carried a 40 pound bag of much up for the privy, and a few worked on […]
Trail clearing from Eagles Nest to Puffer Lodge. The weather was constant rain, and there were many trees down.
Trail clearing on the LT between Butler Lodge and Taylor Lodge. Also tried to clear Clara Bow, but did not get all the down trees. 9 participants.