Welcome to the Bolton Lodge and Bryant Camp Fund. Thanks to the Friends of Bolton Valley Nordic and Backcountry along with the Vermont Land Trust and the State of Vermont, […]
Scot, Lisa and Max clipped and cleared water bars on the Frost Trail to the Maple Ridge Trail to the Rockgarden Trail and from there to Butler Lodge. Dot and […]
We had 6 people show up in the early morning rain to do trail work. By the time we started to hike, the rain had stopped and did not return! […]
The Long Trail Collection at the University of Vermont, Bailey/Howe Library, Special Collections includes over 900 images of the oldest long-distance hiking trail in the United States: Vermont’s Long Trail. […]
Thanks to the 18 who showed up for our first trail work outing. We divided into three groups of six. Group “A” – John Sharp – Leader We cleared from […]
GMC’s Director of Trail Programs Dave Hardy led a volunteer crew that joined GMC’s trail staff who have been working on the new Long Trail route on Stimson Mt. north […]
Thanks to the 25(!) volunteers who helped Pam and John for trail-work day Trail participants: Pam Gillis, John Sharp (organizers, too) Forrest Aldrich, Fred Royce, George Long, John Pennucci, Lynn […]
Are you savvy with marketing techniques – placing events in the local papers, getting flyers and posters printed and distributed, writing promotional announcements for the web site and list-serv? We […]
Almost nothing evokes wilderness like the yodeling cry of the Common Loon echoing over still water at the end of the day. The presence of these large black-and-white birds on […]
We cleared the trails with 3 main groups. It was a hot day and we were on the trails for 7 hours (a few had to turn back earlier), but […]
Great turnout (14) and good weather. Divided into 3 groups, 2 with chain saws. One group went Nebraska Notch Trail and then the LT to Taylor, most coming back via […]