In the floods last July one of the stiles on the Long Trail over the electric fences in Richmond floated away. This part of the trail is maintained by the […]
I had a few folks drop, so, anticipating some no shows, I opened the hike to everyone on the meetup waitlist. This could have meant 14 people on the hike, […]
One group got an early start from Bolton Valley, and the rest met at Richmond park & ride at 8:30 and split into two groups: Long Trail: Puffer Shelter to […]
We met at Richmond park & ride and headed to the Bolton Nordic Center where we divided into three groups: Long Trail: Raven’s Wind ski trail to Puffer ShelterExtensive cutting […]
Folks met in Richmond at 8:30 or at Stevensville at 9 and divided into three groups: Butler Lodge Trail, Wallace Cutoff, and LT to Twin BrooksUsed the chainsaw three times […]
We 5 intrepid souls (10 soles ) braved a steady drizzle to observe the following wildflowers: Bellwort, Columbine, Dutchmen’s Breeches, Trillium (red , white, and painted), Hepatica, Violets, Blood Root, […]
We met at 8:30 at the Richmond park & ride and divided into three groups: Long Trail, Duck Brook to Buchanan LodgeWe started up from West Bolton Notch around 9:05 […]
After some late cancellations, three of us met at the Cambridge Junction at 9:30 were on our way northeast along the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail around 9:45. It was sunny […]
After a couple late cancellations six of us met at the Cambridge park & ride at 9 AM. We waited about 5 minutes for three others who signed up (more […]
Seven of us met at 8 AM the Underhill Center lot next to the Underhill historical Society and took two cars up to the winter parking area on the state […]
Ten of us met at the trailhead at 9. We set out around 9:20 in spikes, in preparation for the wide water crossing over Hedgehog Brook just down from the […]
There was one cancellation that morning. I picked up one hiker in Burlington at 6 AM and we drove to the Richmond Park and Ride to meet up with 4 […]