After many days of rain, we finally got a sunny one for this trip! We met at the Waterbury park & ride at 9 AM, spotted a car at Waterbury […]
All week the weather forecast had promised a nice sunny day for this hike. Friday evening it changed to indicate we might get a little rain early, but would then […]
This hike organizing was an interesting time with all the flooding as had a couple hikers have to cancel due to other rescheduled outdoor activities. Initially had 6 hikers with […]
This hike had been rescheduled due to inclement weather. There were twocancellations the day before the hike. Five of us met at the Duxbury window trailheadbefore departing around 7:00 AM. When […]
After a group of late cancellations, four of us met at the Stevensville trailhead at 8:30 (actually, everyone was early). The lot was almost full, but we all found spots. […]
The day began with the four of us meeting at Starbucks parking lot on Shelburne Road for the 6 am departure time. We arrived at the trailhead at approximately 7:55 […]
Our small contingent of three met at the canoe put in on the Little River, accessible from Cottonbrook Road, which is off of Moscow Road and at the intersection with Nebraska […]
The day began with four of us meeting at the Richmond Park & Ride at 4:45 pm to head to the Camels Hump Huntington Road Trailhead in Huntington. We arrived […]
After the usual rounds of sign ups, wait lists, cancellations, and confirmations, we settled to a list of 12 people who said they would be coming … and everyone showed […]
Having postponed last week’s trip up the Mansfield Toll road due to cold, rainy conditions, I was a little concerned that the rain drops on my windshield headed toward the […]
The day began with meeting at the Richmond Park & Ride at 6 am where two of us met to head to Montpelier Park & Ride to pick up a […]
A few days before the walk I’d done a scouting trip and reported to all 15 who had signed up that: “Last year at this time the snow had melted […]