Originally scheduled for Appalachian Gap but we only had one car with snow tires and decided we shouldn’t try to go up there. Participants: Anneliese Koenig, Paul Montane, Jennifer Sherwood, […]
With below zero temperatures, we opted to shorten this hike. We went no farther than Hump Brook tent site, then down thorugh the valley, and returned to the winter parking […]
Temperatures in the single digits on either side of zero didn’t stop four brave souls, two of them new to snowshoeing, from venturing out into the woods. Our “Easy” hike […]
We all enjoyed a leisurely hike on a warm summer-like day. We stopped to look at cemeteries, cellar holes, old farm machinery, and other remains of a nineteenth and early […]
We enjoyed the Falls of Lana, the Lake, the trees, and lunch at the picnic ground. We did not enjoy the extra smelly outhouse! Over thirty people inquired about this […]