Seven GMC members/hikers met at the Barnes Camp on Stowe on a chilly (51 degree) and breezy, but sunny day to hike and conquer the “Cliff Trail Loop”.

At 10:15 the group headed up the Long Trail south towards their first stop-Taft Lodge. The hikers quickly found that the trails were fairly wet from the previous day’s rains and they had to be careful stepping on slick roots and rocks for fear of falling. After the 20 minute break at Taft Lodge they continued on the Long Trail to the highest spot in Vermont at 4,395′, the “Chin”, atop Mt. Mansfield. 40 mile per hour cold winds kept the hikers from lingering and talking very long with the trail minder or the other 15 hikers at the summit.

It was now about 12 noon and the hikers continued on the Long Trail for another 0.5 miles until they reached the intersection with the Cliff Trail on their left. A few of the hikers had never done the Cliff Trail or even Mt. Mansfield, so it was fun watching their reactions as the group examined the “Cave Of The Winds, squeezed up, over, and between massive boulders on the 1.1 mile course. It was about 3:00 when the group came off the Cliff Trail and descended down the Toll Rd., a ski run, and onto Haselton Trail. The Haselton Trail was very wet and there were a couple of slips and falls resulting in minor injuries.

All the hikers emerged from the forest at 4:45 with feelings of great relief and great accomplishment. Now, on to Idyltime Restaurant where five hikers enjoyed good company, food, and drink.

Participants: including Marta Parys, Robert (Bob) Chaperon, Linda Smith, Susan Marx, Renee Lizotte, Brian Schwartz, and Dean Wiederin (leader).