The day began with the four of us meeting at Starbucks parking lot on Shelburne Road for the 6 am departure time. We arrived at the trailhead at approximately 7:55 am and prepared for beginning the hike. We were directed to parking lot 4 by parking attendant directing traffic as the other 3 parking lots were full. We went into the visitor center for a quick look at the large table map in the store and other wares. Then, we headed over to the trail sign-in board to note our route. Began the hike at 8:15 am with a group photo before heading on our way. The first 3.4 miles up to Marcy Dam is an easy grade as approximately 400-600 feet elevation gain with us arriving at 9:40 am. The next 1.8 mile section led us to Avalanche Lake and Lake Colden with an approximately 1,000 feet elevation gain at 10:20 am and 11:10 am, respectively. The hike along the edge of Lake Colden has beautiful views walking on the boardwalks along the edge of the water and rock escarpment. Also, a cool view across the lake of the Colden Dike/Waterfall as could hear the water pouring out of the side of the escarpment. Trivia on the trail occurred again. What bossa nova song propelled the genre to a new level of popularity in the 1960’s? Answer: The Girl from Ipanema by Astrud Gilberto. As we neared Mount Colden (2,000 feet elevation gain in 1.6 miles) some gray clouds were rolling around as some light rain was expected, we did have a light rain for about 10 minutes when approached summit arriving at 1 pm. Spent approximately 30-40 minutes up on summit enjoying the views of neighboring summits of Algonquin, Iroquois, Marshall, Lake Colden and ate lunch. Headed onward down toward Lake Arnold with a 1,000 foot drop over the next 1.4 miles arriving at approximately 2:45 pm. Stopped next to Lake Arnold for a few minutes but some black flies near water so did not stay long before heading for next intersection 0.4 miles away. Found geological marker at the intersection of Lake Arnold trail/trail toward Table Top Mountain and chatted while a group of three hikers passed. The trail sign was posted high on tree and we continued on straight overshooting the turn by 0.2 miles thus we turned around adding on an extra 0.4 miles to the trip after admiring the geological marker. Proceeding to the next juncture of Indian Falls we had a drop of ~ 500 feet before began climbing again to Indian Falls. Arrived at Indian Falls at 3:45 pm, where enjoyed a snack break, beautiful views of valley and summits, and the waterfall. Due to time and miles left, decided to evaluate whether to proceed to Phelps Mountain (which I mistakenly thought hike plan was Phelps Mountain rather than Table Top due to recent previous hike) when arrived at trail juncture. Arrived at Phelps trail juncture at 5 pm thus decided to forgo Phelps since plan was to arrive back at trailhead between 5:30/6 pm with 3.3 miles remaining to trailhead knowing that would put us at 7:30 pm finish time. The remaining 3.3 miles included 0.5 miles to Marcy Dam thus the remaining portion of the hike was an easy grade. We arrived back at trailhead at 6:30 pm. Table Top Mountain, we will be back soon! Hike Participants: Mike Mortiletti, Luke Idler, Marcus Keely, and Dale Schmit (trip leader). Photos: Mike, Marcus and Dale.