This was built to replace Thendara Shelter. Young Ted and I cleaned up the site (Vermont’s Thendara) a few days before the annual meeting in May, 1958 and salvaged what we could, which wasn’t much. In June the lumber was bought and we started rebuilding. [T. N. Goddard]

The lumber was delivered to the site so the back-breaking work of carrying materials was eliminated. 5 1/2 days of labor later we had a new camp ready to use. It is a 12 x 8 foot lean-to heavily made which sleeps eight without crowding. It was renamed so as not to be confused with the New York Section Thendara. [LT News, August, 1958]

A few weeks ago some vandals managed to tip over this shelter and the local club members worked on getting it back on its foundation. [LT News, June 1929]

This frame structure, with bunksf cor 6 was built by the Bennington Section in 1958 to replace the former Thendara Shelter. the water suply is on a spur trail 150ft south of the Shelter [GB 18th Edition 1966]

The Congdon Camp in Dunville Hollow was construction in 1967 after the burning of this shelter in 1966. [GM 19th Edition 1968]

It was in use from 1958 to 1966.