A shelter has been started at Sherburne Pass and will be completed in the spring. [The Green Mountain News, Dec. 1922]

It was decided to name the structure the Green Mountain Clubhouse. The open shelter across the road, called Pico Lodge, will be furnished with blankets, cooking utensils and fuel, and will accommodate up to 24. [The Green Mountain News, Dec. 1923]

On the north side of the road at Sherburne Pass is Deer’s Leap Camp, an open-front lodge with stove, simple cooking utensils, and bunks for 20 persons. A charge of 25 cents per person per day is made to cover cost of fuel and care of camp. Blankets may be rented from the manager of the LT Lodge for 15 cents each. [GB 6th Edition 1924]

The Killington Section has put in a pipe which supplies running water. [The GM News, Dec. 1924]

The Club officials are bending every effort to provide all the comforts fo home for the camps on the Trail. That at Deer’s Leap, opposite the Lodge, has been protected by chicken wire to discourage porcupines, and as shower bath may be had by sitting under the faucet in front and turning on the water. [LT News Aug 1928]

They also reported on the condition of the camps. here also they were plain-spoken. E.G., “Deer’s Leap camp, general condition, poor. Needs new screen in door. Stove beyond repair. No cooking utensils. This camp should be kept better becaus it is across the road from the Lodge adn when people see the condition it will discourage them.” [LT News August 1929]

W. M. Ross, chairman of the trails and shelter comittee, reported that a caretaker was employed for two months at the Deer’s Leap camp, the camp was repaired and painted, the groudns ere kept clean and trees removed. [LT News Feb 1932]

A visit of inspection was made to Deer’s Leap camp across the road, and it was decided to make this into two rooms to accomadate two persons each, putting two windows into each and veranda in front. these moves should result is good increase in profits for the moderate investment. [Long Trail News, June 1932]

Deer's Leap Camp at Sherburne Pass, 1923
Deer’s Leap Camp at Sherburne Pass, 1923