Congdon and surveying wheel at Dunsmoor Lodge
Congdon and surveying wheel at Dunsmoor Lodge

Referred to as Camp #4 in GB 1st Edition 1917. Located 1.2 miles from the Bolton summit. [LT News, Feb. 1975]

In 1919 Mr. and Mrs Ralph Dunsmoor of the Burlington Section gave to the Section the gift of Dunsmoor Lodge. This structure was located approximately 2 miles north fothe present Bolton Lodg. From He-Who-Remebers (R.B.)_ we have the information that this had a unique feature, a front section which lifted up to form a roof over the patio arragement. By 1923 Mr. Bryant, State Forester, was advising the Section to relocated teh lodge or somehow get it out of the area because it was a fire hazard to his lumbering operations. His advice was heeded in due course and the present Bolton Lodge was built in 1928. [Burlington Section Records 1910-1927]

This lodge was built in 1918 (?) by the newly organized Lake Pleiad Section. This lodge provided bunks and a stove. Below the Lodge the path follows an old logging road down the valley of Joiner Brook. It is located, with a beautiful view to the south toward Camel’s Hump, a few minutes beyond the site of a former lumber camp. This is a club shelter with bunks for 12 persons. [O’Kane, 1926]

In June and July of 1911, Cowles and Burt returned to Nebraska Notch and resumed scouting trail over the shoulder of Mount Clark to the summits of Mayo and Bolton, and down over the forested ridges to the Winooski River. Passing an abandoned lumber camp en route, they took over one of its buildings as a shelter, calling it Dunsmoor Lodge – the first of what was to become a system of – shelters along the entire length of the trail. [Forest & Crag by Laura and Guy Waterman, 1989]

Lodge is in poor condition but affords shelter. Owing to objection on the part of the owner of the land, it will not be repaired. At some later date a new lodge will be located nearer Bolton. [Supplement to GB 6th Edition 1927]

E.P Dickinson noted in the GB 7th Edition, 1928, that this camp was in poor condition. The Bolton Lodge building in 1928 and which is nearer Bolton Viliage will be a replacement. Probably not used after 1932.