Emily Proctor Lodge, 1918
Emily Proctor Lodge, 1918

This was one of three log lean-to shelters built with funds provided by Miss Emily Proctor, in 1913. The other two are Birch Glen, and another south of Mount Horrid. It was probably one of the first official LT shelters specifically built to accommodate LT hikers. [O’Kane 1926]

The path then zigzags down steeply, makes a long circuit to the north and then to the southeast into the valley of the New Haven River, where it reaches Emily Proctor Lodge, a Club shelter beautifully situated in a deep glen near the foot of a rocky cascade. [O’Kane, 1926]

We are informed that altho the Long Trail has been re-located so that it does not now descend into the gorge where the Emily Proctor Lodge is lcoated, there is no intention of abandoning this lodge or making it inaccessible. Thie lodge wil be kept in repair by the Lake Pleiad Section and the trail leading to it will be kept clear, so those wishing to visit this pictureque spot can do so by making the detour. [Long Trail News, June 1928]

Lodge has a fair stove, cooking utensils and pole bunks for 12 to 15 persons. It is located at a waterfall in a deep gorge on the headwaters of the New Haven River. [GB 7th Edition, 1928]

In Breadloaf Glen .8 mile from LT

This shelter was replaced by Emily Proctor Lodge (2nd)