Mile 16.8 — Division 7 — Elev. 3460 ft.

This shelter replaced the Breadloaf Shelter

The old Breadloaf Shelter was torn down and an Adirondack type open shelter was built on the same spot It was built of logs cut in the neighborhood under a permit from the USFS. It sleeps 6 to 8 persons. It is now called the Emily Proctor Shelter in honor of Miss Emily Proctor for whom a shelter had been named very early in GMC history. The early shelter was located about 3/4 mile below the Breadloaf Shelter. The crew leader for the construction was Harris Abbott. [LT News, Nov. 1960]

Emily Proctor Shelter, 2023
Emily Proctor Shelter, 2023

This is a log shelter built by the LT Patrol in 1960 and rebuilt in 1983 and has space for 5. Water is from the brook crossed by the LT 20 ft to the south. It has been in use at this location from 1960 to present. [GB 24th Edition 1996] It originally had wire bunks. [GB 19th Edition 1968]

July 10, 1964: on top of Breadloaf with thunder all around us we decided to make it for the shelter. Rain came down in buckets shortly after we arrived. There was a porky in the shelter when we arrived which made 5 seen and 3 dead on this trip. [Paul Woodward]