Skylight Pond to Middlebury Gap

Rescheduled from 7/8. We will spot a car at the top of Middlebury Gap, then drive to the Skylight Pond Trailhead, hike up to the Long Trail, then follow it south to Middlebury Gap. Highlights include: Skylight Pond, Boyce Shelter and trees. Moderate hike. 7.7 miles. Group limit 8.

Libby’s Lookout

Hike in the Preston Pond conservation area of West Bolton to Libby's Lookout. Easy hike, Leisurely pace. 3-4 miles. 500' elevation gain. Group limit 12.

CANCELLED – Burnt Rock via Hedgehog Brook Trail

Cancelled due to heavy rain forecast. We'll follow the Hedgehog Brook Trail to the Long Trail, then take the Long Trail north to the summit of Burnt Rock Mountain, and return. Difficult hike. 5.2 miles. 2010' elevation gain.

Beaver Meadow Trail to Madonna Peak, Morse Mountain, Whiteface Mountain

We'll take Beaver Meadow Trail, then climb the steep Chilcoot Pass Trail, take the Long Trail south to tag Madonna, head back north to Morse and Whiteface, and return on Beaver Meadow Trail. This is a loop hike. Moderate to strong pace. 10.5 miles. 2100' elevation gain. Group limit 10. Contact leader by 7/27.

CANCELLED – Haystack (ADKs)

Cancelled due to NY DEC notice on 8/3: Recent heavy rains have washed out numerous roads, bridges, and trails. More thunderstorms bringing potential heavy rain are forecast throughout the remainder of the week. Users are advised to avoid recreating near and in streams and rivers due to fast moving currents and floating debris. Users are […]

Camel’s Hump via Monroe & Alpine

Starting from Couching Lion Parking Lot, we will go up the Monroe Trail to the clearing, and take the Long Trail south to the top of Camels Hump. We will then continue south on the Long Trail to the Alpine Trail, and check out the remains of the B-24 bomber that crashed into the Hump […]

Mt. Marcy, Skylight, & Gray Peak (ADKs)

From Heart Lake we'll take the Van Hoevenbereg Trail to Mt Marcy and continue over Marcy to Gray and Skylight. We'll then head down Feldspar Brook, Lake Arnold, Marcy Dam, and back to Heart Lake. Early meet up time of 5:30 to 6 AM. Difficult hike, Moderate to strong pace. 18.3 miles. 4800' elevation gain. […]

Lyon Mountain (ADKs)

We'll climb to Lyon Mountain Firetower Trail to the top, where the firetower offers views of Chazy Lake and the surrounding area. Moderate to difficult hike, Moderate pace. 7.1 miles. 1950' elevation gain. Group limit 10.

Long Trail Day: Butler Lodge

From the Stevensville trailhead we'll climb Butler Lodge Trail to the lodge and returnModerate hike, Moderate pace. 4.2 miles. 1600' elevation gain.Group limit 10.Contact leader by 8/17.

Stowe Pinnacle to Mt Hunger

We'll drop a car at the Waterbury trailhead for Mt. Hunger, then go to the upper Stowe Pinnacle trailhead. We'll climb Stow Pinnacle, then continue up to the Skyline Trail, follow it to Mt Hunger, and hike down the Waterbury Trail to the car.Difficult hike, Moderate pace. 8.1 miles. 2400' elevation gain.Group limit 10.Contact leader […]

Mt Worcester

Hike the Worcester Mountain Trail to the summit and back.Moderate to difficult hike, Moderate pace. 5.2 miles. 1970' elevation gain.