Our group of three hikers met at the Richmond Park and Ride at 5:00 AM for a 7:00 AM start in NH. We set out to pick up another in Montpelier before making our way to the Garfield Trailhead in Bethlehem, NH where we met up with two others (shortly after a bear darted out in front of our car on the drive over!) Temperatures were in the high 30’s for our start, but multiple clothing changes ensued as the morning progressed and temperatures warmed to the 50’s.

The hike up Garfield was fairly moderate and wooded for the majority of the outing. But the last quarter mile turns into a rocky scramble before opening to a rocky plateau that afforded superb views of Mts Lafayette, Owl’s Head and the whole of the Pemi Wilderness. Mt. Washington was visible in the distance as were many other 4000 footers.

Everyone in the group was well prepared for this outing and we took our time at the summit to enjoy the views before descending the five miles back to the trailhead. On our departure we pulled up alongside a gaggle of about twenty turkeys who paid us no attention.

Participants: Ephraim Maciejowski, Diane Sherman, Jill George, Liana Edwards, Erin Moore and Chris Luczynski (leader).