LT Mile 22.2 — Division 2 — Elev. 3764 ft.

Located near tower on the summit. A well-marked trail of seven and one-half miles leads up an easy grade to the top, where there are a tower and a forester’s cabin. The cabin is locked and can be used only by special permission from the State Forestry Department. [GB 7th Edition 1928]

No mention of hiker use. [GB 14th Edition 1951]

The watchman’s cabin is left open by the Vermont Timberland Owners Association for the convenience of hikers, who should be especially careful to keep it in good order. [GB 15th Edition 1956]

This structure, formerly the lookout watchman’s cabin, has bunk space for about 6. The water supply is at the clearing 0.2 mile south. [GB 17th Edition 1963]

Old Firewarden's Shelter - Glastenbury, 1959
Old Firewarden’s Shelter – Glastenbury, 1959