Held at Faith United Methodist Church, the Annual Meeting started with a social hour at 5:00, followed by a potluck dinner. Dinner was followed by comittee reports and new officers were elected for the year.

The evening concluded with a presentation of No Other Lake, a short film, by Jordan Rowell and Duane Peterson III. Motivated by a desire to better understand his home watershed, Rowell embarked on a two week kayaking trip along the 120-mile length of Lake Champlain, stopping to talk to a wide range of characters about the future of their shared basin.

Set 50 years after the passage of the Clean Water Act, No Other Lake is both a celebration of the unique beauty of Lake Champlain and a confrontation with its greatest challenges.

This adventure-conservation documentary strives to inspire people to better connect with the natural world around them, see issues from a different point of view, and get involved with stewardship efforts happening close to home.

Comittee reports can be downloaded here