Mile 1.5 South from Brandon Gap — Elev. 2820 ft.

GMC Camp 2 bunks noted in GB 2nd Edition 1920. … and a new steel roof was put on the old Goshen Camp, the two being together. [LT News, Feb. 1949]

The Lodge is about 112 mile north from the old “Tin Huts; one of which was dismantled to provide roofing material and stands on the edge of a quick drop off, with a magnificent view to the north over the Winooski Valley. Bolton Falls and the main road near it are clearly visible, as is Little River Reservoir. The lodge is only 500 feet west of the old LT and close to excellent water. The structure is built of logs, probably the largest ones that have been used in any camp to date, laid horizontally up to the bottoms of the windows and vertically above which results in more efficient use of timber and saves time. The lodge is about 15 by 20 ft. in size and has a stove brought down from one of the old huts. It is located wonderfully but is the most inaccessible camp for the Patrol to work on. All materials that could not be cut at the site or dragged down from the Huts had to be packed in 2 1/2 mile from Couching Lion Farm. This took time sweat and muscle. [LT News, Nov. 1950]

A log cabin with bunks for 12 was built in 1950 by the LT Patrol in memory of H. W. Gorham with funding from the New York Section. The lodge was extensively rebuilt in 1981 by the patrol and GMC volunteers. A brook to the east provides water. In use 1985 to present. [GB 24th Edition 1996] Funds for the construction were given by Ted Goddard, Jr. in memory of his father. The structure was of log construction 20′ x 16′ with-an open front. Boy Scout Troop 353 of Bennington peeled the logs. Rock

This lodge has been a source of debate for many years. It is on State property at high elevation on Camel’s Hump. The State will have the final say as to the destiny of the Lodge when they complete the management plan for this area. The lodge is in poor condition and needs repairs. Eight Jogs were replaced and leveled, a new foor installed, window frames adjusted, a new door hung and application of several coats of creosote applied. A picture in the LTN of those working on the project shows Ben Davis, Chet Buchanan, Dean Tucker, Charlotte Beam, Fuss Belding, Steve Burns, and Cleo Billings hard at work. This project took ten days. [LT News, Nov. 1981]

The views at night at Gorham Lodge are superb in clear weather. I remember a 2 a.m. walk with the moon and stars lighting my way. The few lights in the valley in homes and on the highway were just impressive. The mountains to the north were silhouetted, giving me a mystic feeling of grandeur. [Paul Woodward]