Ridge Runner "Bambi" at the Gren Anderson Shelter, 2023
Ridge Runner “Bambi” at the Gren Anderson Shelter, 2023

On November 16, 1959, with 72 Section members present, this new shelter, which fills an important gap in the AT shelter system, was dedicated in memory of the Section’s late president, Gren Anderson. The shelter stands in Stokes State Forest near Culvers Lake. A plaque at the location was unveiled by Mrs. Anderson. It was built with funds raised by the New York Section. Club members did the building, led by designer Sam Wilkinson, a trustee, and Harry Smith with the assistance of many members and took the entire summer to complete. The shelter is a deluxe affair with a plank floor, a built-in table as well as a park-style movable table, rustic rain gutters for the front eaves and a stone fireplace. The one-holer features a red signal that can be operated only from the inside, an invention of Harry’s. A reliable spring is about fifty yards away. An actual test on the night before the dedication showed the sleeping capacity to be nine. The shelter was formally turned over to representatives of the Stokes State Forest who will be responsible for its future maintenance.

Long Trail News, February 1959