The five of us met at the Underhill State Park for hike start time of 8 am. When arrived at the closed entrance gate to the Underhill State Park at 7:35 am about 8 vehicles already present. We began our trek up to the parking lot area reviewing hike guidelines while proceeding to the trailhead, we started up Eagles Cut Pass at 8:20 am.

The first mile is a mild ascent of 600 foot elevation gain to beginning of Laura Cowles Trail which has a ~2,000 foot elevation gain in 1.7 miles to intersection of the Long Trail near the summit of The Chin. We arrived at the Cowles/LT intersection at 10 am where continued on to Subway versus heading up to The Chin. Temperatures were approximately 60° F with clear skies and just the right amount of sun on this beautiful Fall day.

Began trek to Subway on LT South for a short 0.2 miles beginning Subway trail at 10:20 am where crawling through the awesome rock formations between Subway(0.1), Canyon North Extension(0.3), Canyon North(0.3), Canyon(0.3) & Lakeview(0.3) Trails. Time to get through Subway was ~15 minutes as arrived at Canyon North Extension sign at 10:35 am. Arrived at Lakeview Trail section at 12:30 pm and met up with LT North at 12:50pm.

Short distance hike to visitor center where we decided to head onto the Cliff Trail and lunch break on Amherst Trail near intersection with Cliff Trail. Lunch break from 1-1:30 pm. Rock formations on east side of Mansfield, Cliff Trail, were just as adventuresome and did not disappoint as entered Cave of the Winds.

The Cave of the Winds won out as none of us could lean on one wall with hands and placing your feet strategically on opposite wall ledges if able to get the right leverage for moving across the space thus we had a some other creative scrambling.

We arrived at LTN about 3 pm then Sunset Ridge Trail at 3:30 pm. We took a group picture break before heading onward. Arrived at intersection of LT and Cantilever Trail intersection at 4:15 pm group reconvened.

We arrived at Eagles Cut Pass at 4:45 pm for final leg of hike. Returned to trailhead parking lot at 5:10 pm. Thanks for all hikers another successful hike on a glorious weather day after original date (October 8) was cancelled due to 50 mph NW winds (and Ben Frechette, Channel 5 Meteorologist for making the weather happen).

Participants: Jill George, Marcus Keely, Julie Cimonetti, Robynn Albert, Dale Schmit (leader).

Photos: Dale, Julie, Marcus.