We had great weather, clear and not too hot. As planned, we took 4 hours to do the Honey Hollow trail and road loop – about twice as long as we would have taken if we just walked it. The extra time was for identifying wildflowers and ferns. The early spring wildflowers were gone, but the June flowers were all out, and the ferns were about at their maximum.

We identified 42 different wildflowers and 13 different fern species. We tried a few trees, but no one was particularly knowledgeable about those, so we gave up and stuck with flowers and ferns. It was a different type of hike, but seemed to go well. Another is planned for September, when the aster and goldenrods will be most prevalent.

Participants – Bill Banke, Renata Banke, Barbara Wynroth, Janella Pennington, Tom McAuliff, Maury Kost, Mary Keenan, Sheri Larsen (thanks for the photos!), Richard Larsen