Mile 11.8 — Division 8 — Elev. 2450 ft.

Tent platforms, an outhouse, and a communal fireplace are located here. There is a stream 550 ft. to the south. [GB 23rd Edition 1985]

After thirty-three years, a portion of the Long Trail has returned to its rightful ridge. This

fall, the Long Trail Patrol and volunteers coordinated by the Montpelier Section relocated the Long Trail in Honey Hollow (Camel’s Hump area) to the Bamforth Ridge Trail. The relocation moves the Long Trail back to the original route built by Prof. Will Monroe in the early 1920s. To prepare the Bamforth Trail for its new designation as the Long Trail, the crews reconstructed and relocated parts of the trail. The old route of the Long Trail through Honey Hollow is closed and the Honey Hollow Tent Sire has been eliminated. [LT News Winter 1996]