One winter the Burlington section decided to build an igloo and camp in it.

We snowshoed up the Smugglers Notch road carrying shovels and other tools for shaping snow blocks. We packed the snow down until it was hard and cut out blocks. We slanted the tops of the blocks just right so that they would circle inward and upward as each layer was added. We built a tunnel to enter the igloo. We lit a candle inside to seal the seams. This was not very successful since we did it before the igloo was completed.

Our igloo was large – so large that we couldn’t complete it until the next day. We slept in it with no roof. It was not very warm. But cold was not our only problem.

As we were trying to get to sleep, we heard a roar of snowmobiles coming up the road. We had to make noise to be sure that they wouldn’t wreck our igloo with us in it!