Pleiad Lodge in Middlebury. Gap
Pleiad Lodge in Middlebury. Gap

This frame shelter maintained by the Bread Loaf Section had bunks for 12. It was built by the Lake Pleiad Section in 1923. Water was found in a small brook near the Lake Pleiad spur junction. In cry seasons boiled lake water was in order. It was mentioned in O’Kane’s, 1926, as a Lodge built of boards and provided with a double tier of bunks at each end. [GB 9th Edition 1932]

It was in use from 1923 to 1994. The register at Lake Pleiad had 625 names in 1928. [LT News, Feb. 1929]

This shelter is reported in poor condition and out of use. [LT News, Feb. 1957]

The complete reconditioning of this shelter was scheduled by the Special Projects Committee. Thanks for this job goes to George Pearlstein and a group of his Scouts and Troop Committeemen. [LT News, November 1967] Not in GB 24th Edition 1996.

On Sept. 22-23, 1967, Troop 45 Granville, N.Y., with 6 adults undertook major repairs to this shelter. The group arrived just after dark on Friday evening. Materials were stored near road because of fog and unsafe wet footing. The scouts slept in and around the shelter that night. The next morning, work details were dispatched. Breakfast was prepared, lumber and materials were transported to the site, the old floor and outside sheathing were removed, and reusable lumber was sorted. The front of the shelter was raised and leveled. Three new stone piers were built to support the front in its new location. Then the rear was jacked up and the rotten sill removed. Three new piers were built in the back and the floor was leveled. Side piers were installed keeping the floor at least 6″ above the ground. All old wood was examined for structural soundness. The undersides were thoroughly creosoted, and a new flooring of 5/4 spruce tongue and groove planking was nailed into place. The rear window was boarded up and wall sheathed with spruce shiplap. The bunks were repaired and reinforced. Most of the sag in the roof was eliminated with the new center post. Most of the work was done on Saturday as the Scout Troop had to return home. The site needs a new toilet and some sprucing up. The dump needs to be cleaned and the water supply should be protected with a cover and a pipe, to be done at a later date. [George Pearlstein. LT News 1967]

This shelter had to be removed as it was a great party spot near the highway. It was plagued with vandalism and had major trash problems. The Breadloaf Section, especially Guy Wallis was responsible for its removal. [LTN Fall 1994]