LT Mile 251.1 — Division 12 — Elev. 2800ft

In the summer of 1930, a party from the University of Vermont headed by geologist Charles G. Doll and English instructor Phillips D. Carleton were hired to cut the final sections that the Buchanans had blazed. They spent three months almost entirely camped in the woods, not only cutting the trail but also building Laura Woodward Shelter. [Forest & Crag by Laura & Guy Waterman, 1989]

This camp is built of logs, open front, stone fireplace, water, bunks for 6 or 8. [GB 9th Edition 1932]

This shelter burned in 1955. [GB 15th Edition 1956]

A letter dated August 9th was received at the GMC office from P.S. Skell and S.S. Marsden from Penn. State Univ. informing officials of the Club that Laura Woodward Shelter had burned to the ground. These men reported that arriving at the site, they found the remains of the shelter still smoldering. After putting the fire out, they went to the nearest camps north and south to post notices warning hikers.

Laura Woodward Camp - 1.3 miles North of Jay Peak, 1933
Laura Woodward Camp – 1.3 miles North of Jay Peak, 1933