We divided into three groups of four each at Bolton Valley. Scott, Paul, and I carried a chainsaw with one of the groups. The following is for my group. I will let Paul and Scott report on theirs. I think Susan and/or Ted may have other pictures from our group, which I will forward if they don’t when I get them.

Leaving the parking area around 9 we followed Broadway, Telemark, CliffHanger, Eagles Nest, and North Ridge ski trails to reach the Long Trail around 10:15. The trails were unusually dry for this time of year, and generally in pretty good shape. We worked our way south past Harrington’s View to Buchanan, clipping, cleaning waterbars, moving smaller stuff off the trail, and breaking out the chainsaw four times. Only one of these was really blocking the trail, but the other three were leaning low enough that it was worth removing them since we had the saw there.

We reached Buchanan around 12:10 and stopped for lunch. We then made our way down the Beaver Pond, Deer Run, Maple Loop, and Broadway ski trails to reach the parking area around 2. We were the first down, so David stayed to hand off the tools while the others left. Scott’s group was not far behind us, arriving perhaps twenty minutes after we did.

Group participants: Mike Arthur(?), Ted Albers, Susan Tobin, David Hathaway.

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