We met at the Stevensville trailhead at 10 and spent a while talking to Phil Hazen and Joanna Cummings who were staffing the GMC Long Trail Day table there, then started up Butler Lodge trail. It was pleasant and sunny. The advertised destination for the hike was Butler Lodge, but when we got there someone asked if we could continue up Wampahoofus. Everyone wanted to, so we continued up, reaching the Forehead around 1:30.

At the Maple Ridge junction two people wanted to go a little faster and opted to leave the group. They reached the Forehead ahead of us, and passed us as we were headed up and hey were headed down. The rest of us got to the Forehead around 1:40 and back to the trailhead around 3:45.

Participants: Kate Eberle, Helena Nicolay, Andria Ronne, Xavier, David Hathaway (leader).