Looking for a different way to explore the Long Trail? Go sideways!

The Green Mountain Club has put out a list of 88 blue-blazed side trails – a 166.1-mile-long invitation to lay down some fresh boot tracks.

The Burlington Section contains 28 of the Side-to-Side trails. The Burlington Section Side-to-Side Trail Tracker (editable version) highlights trails in the Burlington section to get you started. Hike all 28 trails in the Burlington Section by Dec. 31, 2021, and we’ll and we’ll list your name in the Ridgelines Newsletter and give you a shout-out at the Burlington Section Annual Meeting.

Hike all 88 trails and the Green Mountain Club will make you a Certified Side-to-Sider and send you a certificate, two patches, and list your name in the Long Trail News. Visit greenmountainclub.org/the-long-trail/side-to-side for more information.